Degree in Computer Science

  • [PI] Programming I
  • [AEDII] Data structures and Algorithms I
  • [ATE] Technology management and the business
  • [AEDIII] Data structures and Algorithms II
  • [RCI] Computer Networks I
  • [DBII] Databases II
  • [DC] Datacenters
  • [ABP] Project-based learning
  • [DAGSS] Large software systems architecture design
  • [DM] Mobile devices
  • [DAPI] Internet applications development
  • [TSW] Web services and technologies
  • [DAA] Agile software development
  • [TAMI] Advanced techniques of information management

Master in Computer Science

  • [EC] Knowledge engineering
  • [SI] Information systems
  • [AXS] Security audit and management
  • [SSI] Internet systems and services
  • [AAS] Advanced system administration

SSIA PhD Programme

  • Information Integration and Case-based reasoning systems
  • Text mining and Data Bases
  • Agent and Multiagent systems modeling
  • Bioinformatics and evolutionary computing
  • Data mining
  • Knowledge adquisition and representation
  • Classifier ensembles and hybrid AI models
  • Natural Language Processing


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